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g-Meter measures your energy use 24/7. See your live energy use from anywhere.

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Forgot to turn the lights or thermostat off? g-Meter alerts you via Text or Email.

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Easy to use apps allow you to turn lights or appliances off or on from anywhere in the world.

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MONITOR: greenNet Dashboard Demo

Get visual data about each room in your home or facility, and easily set programs and timers for lighting, thermostats, motors, pool pumps, etc. The g-Meter™ will remember to conserve energy so you can focus on other things.

MESSAGE: g-Meter Technology

Get text messages and email alerts when your energy usage goes too high or appliances run too long. The g-Meter™ will also send information about ways to improve energy efficiency and save money such as replacing an air filter for your air conditioner, or turning off appliances at certain times to avoid higher electricity rates.  g-Meter can even alert you if equipment stops working for a period of time.

CONTROL: Mobile Apps

Don’t “flip the switch” when you walk in the door anymore.  With g-Meter Controls now you can press the g-Meter app on your Smartphone to turn on lights or set your thermostat from your office computer. Turn anything on or off from anywhere in the world.