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EnerGtech Experts is a distributor of greenNet technology, a global communication network that provides a portal for consumer information about energy efficiency incentives, products, services, and financing. By managing the data integrity for service providers greenNet.com provides a cost effective solution for energy efficiency program managers to collect and generate statistical program reporting information. greenNet is at the crossroads of data, sustainability and technology, empowering consumers to take control of their energy costs and reduce energy consumption.

About Founder Brent Locke

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Brent is a perpetual entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable living and energy efficiency. He’s an expert in energy efficiency utilizing big data and practical know-how to get your building or home wired for maximum savings and sustainability.

After installing the g-Meter™ in his own home, Brent realized that even his careful attention to energy performance did not make him immune to unexpected sources of consumption. He monitored each circuit in his home individually using the g-Meter™ and realized that his pool pump used a large amount of energy each day. The fix was simple. Brent left the pump on for a fraction of the time and set a timer so that the pump would switch on in the evenings when energy costs are lower. The g-Meter™ allowed Brent to monitor energy with such precision that he could see exactly where spikes in energy consumption occurred — and shave a chunk off his bills in the process. EnerGtech Experts can empower you and give you the same control over your own energy usage. Call us today to take the first step toward your greener, more sustainable future.



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greenNet.com partners with organizations to bring energy efficiency, savings and comfort to consumers worldwide. greenNet.com rewards individuals and businesses who make positive changes in moving toward a renewable energy future.